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DNA Testing For Health & Fitness.

Maximize what makes you unique with personalized exercise, nutrition & lifestyle recommendations matched to your DNA.

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There are detailed “insights” as to how and why we lose or preserve muscle as we age. And 26 possible “actions”, eg “get plenty of leucine in your diet, through foods such as salmon, chickpeas and brown rice”. Citations are available to view.

One Test. 150+ DNA reports.

Personalize your workouts, nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle with the world's most comprehensive fitness and health DNA test.

Personal Reports
& Insights

Discover your result for 150+ fitness and health DNA reports, each delivered with personal insights.

Targeted recommendations

Personalize your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle with easy-to-follow recommendations.

Genetic Workout

Achieve your fitness goals with our library of 4, 8 and 12-week Genetic Workout Plans.

Free monthly report releases

Continually refine your fitness and health with monthly report releases at no additional charge.

Achieve your goals, whatever they Are.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your fitness, or live healthier, our fitness and health DNA reports will help get you there.

Hear from our members.

No one knows FitnessGenes like our members. Hear how they've used the our fitness and health DNA test to lose weight, optimize their training, and live better.

Our Science.

All FitnessGenes DNA reports are researched and written by our in-house team of doctors, geneticists, and fitness specialists.

Learn how our team use your genetic data and more to deliver personalized insights and recommendations from the very latest in peer-reviewed genomics research.

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How to get started.

Kick start your FitnessGenes journey by selecting between our two core DNA products.
Each product includes:

150+ Fitness & Health
DNA reports

Personalized Insights & Recommendations

lifetime access to new report releases

DNA Analysis Test

For first time DNA decoders. Access all reports and recommendations with a one-time home saliva test.

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DNA Data Upload

For customers with existing DNA data. Receive instant access to all reports by uploading an existing DNA data file.

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