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Unlock your DNA to improve your exercise recovery, weight loss, and general wellness through better sleep.

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Long-term sleep disturbance carries greater health risks than just tiredness. It can also limit weight loss, impair brain function, and reduce exercise performance.

Through an understanding of how your genes impact your sleep-wake cycle, our leading-edge fitness and health DNA test will identify whether you are at an increased risk of sleep disturbance and its associated health effects.

From these genetic insights, discover targeted lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise strategies to improve your overall sleep quality and duration.

Optimize Your Nighttime Routine.

Sleep is your opportunity to rest, recovery, and re-energize. Discover how to sleep better and reduce sleep disturbance by matching both your daily activity and nighttime routine to your unique DNA profile.

Optimize your exercise recovery

Move faster towards your fitness goal by ensuring full recovery between workouts.

increase your energy levels

Be more present, focused, and productive by supercharging your energy levels.

Manage your body composition

Increase weight loss and muscle building by promoting sleep-related hormone activity.

Maximize your cognitive function

Maintain the mental clarity required to complete your work and life tasks throughout the day.

Your Sleep health Reports.

Unlock all 6 Sleep Health DNA reports, each with personalized insights and recommendations to help you optimize your sleep quality and duration.

6 Sleep health Reports

145+ Additional Reports

follow your own genetic workout plan.

Take your results to the next level with a goal-specific Genetic Workout Plan, tailored to your unique DNA profile. Additional purchase necessary.

4 weeks

Get Fit: Starter

Get fit and stay healthy with our genetically tailored Get Fit home workout plan.
A great place for newcomers to start or for those looking for the most efficient way to keep fit.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Lose Weight: Starter

Improve your body composition and health with our 4-week Lose Weight workout plan.
Follow gym-based workouts and cardio sessions to increase your daily activity and calorie burning.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Build Muscle: Starter

Kickstart your muscle building journey with our introductory 4-week training plan. Designed for beginners to resistance training or those making their return to the weights room.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

Hear From Our Members.

We met up with Canadian member Sunny to hear how unlocking his DNA with FitnessGenes has helped him to optimize his training, supplementation, and sleep.

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For customers with existing DNA data. Receive instant access to all reports by uploading an existing DNA data file.

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