DNA testing for
Muscle Building.

Maximize your muscle mass and strength by matching your workouts, nutrition, and supplementation to your personal DNA.

Unlock Your Muscle Building Reports

Follow the muscle building strategies that work for you.

Why do some people respond to certain muscle building strategies more than others? The answer can be found in our DNA.

Our leading-edge fitness and health DNA test analyses key genes associated with muscle growth to understand how factors including muscle-fibre type and hormone levels influence your ability to build muscle mass.

From these unique genetic insights, we'll pinpoint your optimal workout, nutrition, and supplement recommendations to help you work with your DNA, and maximize your muscle building results.

Optimize More than Just Your Workouts.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building muscle. By understanding your unique DNA, we'll match your personal genetic results to the latest scientific research to identify the muscle building strategies that are most effective for you.

Structure your workouts

Maximize the effects of each workout by knowing your optimal training frequency, volume, and intensity.

Enhance Your

Fuel your workouts and recovery by understanding your daily dietary and supplement needs.

maximize your recovery

Accelerate your muscle growth and eliminate fatigue by ensuring optimal recovery between workouts.

Manage Your body Composition

Improve your long-term metabolic health by reducing body fat levels while building muscle mass.

your Muscle Building reports.

Unlock 18 Muscle Building DNA reports, each with personalized insights and recommendations to help you maximize your muscle mass and strength.

18 Muscle Building Reports

130+ Additional Reports

follow your own genetic workout plan.

Take your results to the next level with a 4, 8 or 12-week Muscle Build workout plan, tailored to your unique genetic profile. Additional purchase necessary.

4 weeks

Muscle Build: Hero

Kickstart your muscle building journey with our introductory 4-week Hero plan. Designed for beginners to resistance training or those making their return to the weights room.

8 weeks

Muscle Build: Legend

Already putting in the hours at the gym but lacking real direction and progress? Transform your physique with 8 weeks of genetically tailored resistance-based workouts.

12 weeks

Muscle Build: Prophecy

A real physical challenge for only the truly committed.
Test yourself and unlock your maximum muscle building potential with our ultimate 12-week Prophecy plan.

Hear From Our Members.

We met up with Canadian member Sunny to hear how unlocking his DNA with FitnessGenes has helped him to optimize his training, supplementation, and sleep.

How to get started.

Unlock your Muscle Building DNA reports, insights, and recommendations with our choice of entry products.
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18 Muscle Building
DNA reports

Personalized Insights & Recommendations

130+ Additional fitness & Health reports

lifetime access to new report releases

DNA Data Upload

For customers with existing DNA data. Receive instant access to all reports by uploading an existing DNA data file.

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DNA Analysis Test

For first time DNA decoders. Access all reports and recommendations with a one-time home saliva test.

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