DNA testing for
Appetite control.

Effectively manage your calorie intake and risk of weight gain by understanding how your personal DNA drives your appetite.

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When you are trying to manage your weight it can feel as though your appetite is working against you. And essentially it is - you are biologically programmed to consume calories in order to function and survive. However, an uncontrolled appetite becomes an issue in modern life where high calorie, low quality foods are readily available as it can result in overeating and unwanted weight gain.

Our leading-edge fitness and health DNA test analyses key genes linked to appetite to identify genetic risk factors that may increase your hunger levels, drive hormone imbalances, and promote subconscious eating behaviours.

From these insights, we the provide you with personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise strategies to help you take control of your appetite and effectively manage your weight.

Take control of Your Appetite.

Controlling your appetite requires more than being mindful of how much food you put on your plate. Discover how understanding your personal risk factors can help you manage your daily calorie intake, fight food cravings, and reduce overeating.

structure your daily nutrition

Access your personalized nutrition calculator to understand your optimal daily calorie and macro needs.

Improve your food choices

Know which foods to eat more of, and which to avoid to keep you feeling satisfied between meals.

Reduce your food cravings

Avoid unhealthy snacking throughout the day with effective behavioural changes, such as meal timings.

manage your body composition

Promote fat burning and lean muscle growth to lower your risk of weight-related health conditions.

Your Appetite control Reports.

Unlock all 4 Appetite Control DNA reports, each with personalized insights and recommendations to help you effectively manage your daily calorie intake.

4 Appetite Control Reports

145+ Additional Reports

follow your own genetic workout plan.

Take your results to the next level with a goal-specific Genetic Workout Plan, tailored to your unique DNA profile. Additional purchase necessary.

4 weeks

Get Fit: Starter

Get fit and stay healthy with our genetically tailored Get Fit home workout plan.
A great place for newcomers to start or for those looking for the most efficient way to keep fit.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Lose Weight: Starter

Improve your body composition and health with our 4-week Lose Weight workout plan.
Follow gym-based workouts and cardio sessions to increase your daily activity and calorie burning.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Build Muscle: Starter

Kickstart your muscle building journey with our introductory 4-week training plan. Designed for beginners to resistance training or those making their return to the weights room.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

Hear From Our Members.

Meet long-time member Rhonda who used her DNA insights to transform her approach to exercise and nutrition and lose 80 lbs in just one year.

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DNA Data Upload

For customers with existing DNA data. Receive instant access to all reports by uploading an existing DNA data file.

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