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Unlock your DNA to discover the foods and vitamins you need to optimize your brain health and function.

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For many of us, brain health is often an afterthought when creating our health and fitness goals. However, failure to prioritize your cognitive function can increase stress levels, limit learning capacity, and affect your mood.

By understanding how your genes influence the activity key cognitive neurotransmitters and hormones, our DNA test will pinpoint the foods, vitamins, and lifestyle changes that will be most effective in keeping your brain healthy.

Protect your brain health and function throughout your lifetime by boosting your levels of dopamine, serotonin, BDNF and more with unique insights and targeted recommendations matched to your DNA.

Unlock the full Potential of your brain.

Small lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your brain health. Assessing your genetic risks can help identify the foods, supplements, and workouts that will keep your brain firing as you age.

Optimize your cognitive function

Maintain the mental clarity required to complete your work and life tasks throughout the day.

Control Your stress levels

Learn why you may be more biologically prone to stress, and how to manage it when it arrives.

Improve your

Promote the development of neurons responsible for memory and other cognitive functions.

Manage your mental health

Reduce your risk of anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression with effective lifestyle interventions.

Your Brain Health Reports.

Unlock all 7 Brain Health DNA reports, each with personalized insights and recommendations to help you optimize your cognitive function.

7 Brain Health Reports

145+ Additional Reports

follow your own genetic workout plan.

Take your results to the next level with a goal-specific Genetic Workout Plan, tailored to your unique DNA profile. Additional purchase necessary.

4 weeks

Get Fit: Starter

Get fit and stay healthy with our genetically tailored Get Fit home workout plan.
A great place for newcomers to start or for those looking for the most efficient way to keep fit.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Lose Weight: Starter

Improve your body composition and health with our 4-week Lose Weight workout plan.
Follow gym-based workouts and cardio sessions to increase your daily activity and calorie burning.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

4 weeks

Build Muscle: Starter

Kickstart your muscle building journey with our introductory 4-week training plan. Designed for beginners to resistance training or those making their return to the weights room.
8 and 12-week progression plans also available.

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FitnessGenes member Adam shares how he uses his DNA test results to improve his overall health and be a positive role model for his young daughters.

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