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Alex Auld


December 30, 2022

With a seemingly endless supply of fad diets, subscription-based apps, and social media ‘experts’, knowing where to even start when trying to lose weight can feel an overwhelming task within itself. 

But before you can identify the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle strategies that are going to be most effective for you, firstly you need to understand the specific factors that are driving your appetite, food cravings, and weight gain. 

And having access to these personal insights shouldn’t cost the Earth either. 

That’s why we’ve created six brand new lifestyle-based Fat Loss reports, all of which can be unlocked completely free of charge

Understand your personal risks

Calculated from a total of 19 self-reported lifestyle factors including age, activity, food choices and sleep, your reports will help you to identify which of the most common causes of weight gain you are most vulnerable to:

1. Overeating on fat

2. Addictive and impulsive eating behaviours

3. Sugar craving

4. Hunger intensity

5. Resting metabolic rate

6. Sex hormones and weight gain

Each report is delivered with a color-coded result to help draw your attention and efforts towards the factors that are limiting your weight loss results. Personalized insights are also included to help you fully understand the impact of your current lifestyle on your overall health and fitness. 

Take action against your personal risks

In addition to highlighting your personal risks, each report is delivered with personalized, daily, sustainable recommendations to help you kickstart your 2023 weight loss journey. 

From a collection of 150+ evidence-based recommendations curated by our in-house research team, we’ll deliver the ones that will have the greatest impact for you. 

No extreme diets or gruelling workouts, just everyday adjustments you can make to your nutrition and lifestyle to help you bring and keep your body fat levels within a healthy range. 

How to unlock your free Fat Loss reports

1. Create your free FitnessGenes member account (if you haven't done so already)

2. Complete your onboarding questionnaire. This will provide you with access to your first two reports

3. Complete your full Lifestyle Profile to unlock all six Fat Loss reports

4. Access all of your free Fat Loss reports via your personal Dashboard or through ‘Traits’ in the navigation menu

5. Start saving your recommended actions to kick start your weight loss journey!

Did we mention that it’s free?

And we mean free - like, completely free. Not free for a week and then $60 a month after that. Not ‘free’ but make sure you enter your credit card details during sign up. It’s free to join and you’re free to leave whenever you want. Although, we hope that you’ll decide to stay with us for a while. 

And as it’s free for you, it’s also free for your family and friends. So if you know someone who would be interested in understanding their personal risks and uncovering their optimal fat loss recommendations, be sure to mention FitnessGenes to them!

Alex Auld

One of FitnessGenes' first full-time employees, Alex re-joined the company in 2021 after completing his MA in Global Communications at the University of London. He now oversees all customer communications, helping to ensure that our members get the most from their results. An amateur triathlete, you can expect to find him in the pool, on the bike, or running laps of his local park most weekends.

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