5 major changes we've made to the Members’ Area for 2023

Alex Auld


December 30, 2022

Over the past 12 months, we've used member feedback to rethink and restructure the way that all of our reports, recommendations, and workout plans are delivered. The result? A brand new Members’ Area ready to help you achieve your new year goals.

From greater usability to additional insights, here’s the detail behind all of the major improvements we’ve introduced for 2023. 

1. NEW: Trait categories and sub-categories

One question that we’re often asked by members is how do similar traits relate to one another?

If one report suggests that you have an increased risk of overeating and another suggests that you have a low risk, how should you interpret these seemingly contrasting results? Does one override the other, or do they cancel each other out?

To help provide some clarity on these, admittedly, complex interactions, we’ve launched the first of our new risk-scored Categories: Fat Loss.

Every Category summarises your overall lifestyle and genetic risk – in this case, for how prone you are to gaining fat. Your results are further divided into sub-categories that cover the most common causes of weight gain, from metabolism and appetite to your risk of addictive and impulsive eating.  

Easily pinpoint which areas you are at greatest risk, and focus your action here by following our personalised recommendations that are scientifically-validated to be the most effective within this sub-category.

You can access your new Fat Loss Category directly from your Members’ Area Dashboard, below your Saved Actions. We’ll be releasing new Categories throughout 2023, so keep an eye out for the next one – coming very soon!

2. NEW: Lifestyle-based reports

2023 also opens with the introduction of our new lifestyle-based reports.

Our first 6 lifestyle reports can be found within your new Fat Loss Category. These have been created to help you better understand how specific demographic and lifestyle factors such as your age, activity levels, weight, food choices and sleep quality are impacting your ability to burn fat.

You can easily access all currently available lifestyle reports via the Traits tab, or within each Fat Loss subcategory.

As you follow your recommended actions don’t forget to update your lifestyle data accordingly via your Dashboard, and see your lifestyle scores improve alongside your health!

3. Improved action saving

Understanding your personal risks is important, but real change requires adjustments to your lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition with personalized recommendations.

To help you quickly access your saved actions and turn them into daily habits, we’ve placed them front and center on your new personal Dashboard.

We’ve also redesigned your Saved Items page, available through the navigation menu, with your saved actions, articles, and recipes easily organizable by category.

4. Clearer result reporting

Identifying the individual traits that present the greatest risk to your health is now even easier with our new, risk-based trait results. Where relevant, we’ve replaced trait band descriptions with a color-coded risk score and a personalized statement.

For example, whereas previously your Sleep and Weight Gain trait band may have read ‘Enhanced risk of metabolic dysfunction with poor sleep routine’, this has been replaced with ‘High Risk’, with the more specific detail moved into the personalized statement that follows the score.

As you explore the 14 trait categories, you’ll see that your trait reports are sorted by the relevance of your result, helping you to prioritize the traits that present the greatest risk and focus your efforts on the recommendations that are likely to bring you the most impactful results.

5. NEW: See how you compare to other FitnessGenes members

Another common question that our support team receives is to do with how common or rare certain traits are. How many other FitnessGenes members carry the gene variants that are increasing your susceptibility to inflammation, or need for certain vitamins and minerals, for example?

With our new, risk-based trait results, you can now see how you personally compare to the cohort of FitnessGenes members as a whole. Each report is accompanied by a doughnut graph representing all possible results for each trait, and how the FitnessGenes population is divided between these.

As this representation is dynamically calculated exclusively from the data of FitnessGenes members, it’s likely that you’ll see percentage shares slowly change as more members join our service.

You can finally fully understand just how unique your results really are!

Where has truefeed® gone?

In amongst all of the additions and improvements mentioned above, we’ve taken the decision to retire truefeed. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost access to any of the traits or information that you had previously. Instead, we’ve grouped all 135+ trait reports into 14 trait categories, which can be accessed via the Traits tab in the navigation menu in your Members’ Area.

We hope that you enjoy the changes that we’ve made and that they help you achieve the goals you’ve set yourself for 2023. For any questions you have, or any further feedback you’d like to share, please contact our in-house support team at

Alex Auld

One of FitnessGenes' first full-time employees, Alex re-joined the company in 2021 after completing his MA in Global Communications at the University of London. He now oversees all customer communications, helping to ensure that our members get the most from their results. An amateur triathlete, you can expect to find him in the pool, on the bike, or running laps of his local park most weekends.

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