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Despite being the most common fitness goal globally, anyone looking to lose fat is often presented with an unnavigable maze of 'expert' advice, short term solutions, and drastic diets.

Instead, take a scientific approach to fat loss by unlocking your personal DNA to discover effective, safe, and sustainable recommendations that will help you achieve and maintain healthy levels of body fat.


Understand the specific ways in which your DNA and lifestyle influence how you process, store, and burn fat with personalized insights.


Accelerate your fat loss and maintain optimal body fat levels with daily, sustainable actions; each personalized to your individual requirements.

Fat Loss Traits

Sex Hormones & Visceral Fat
Basal Metabolic Rate (UCP2)
Overeating risk (aPOA2)
Fat Metabolism

"The understanding of my genes and gut health through FitnessGenes has helped me to lose 78 pounds so far. I went from a size 22 pants to a size 8. In addition, their workout plan has helped me understand which exercises will be the best for me to tone and achieve the body I want.

Through the knowledge of my genetic makeup FitnessGenes prompted me to ask questions of my doctor, which started me on my weight loss journey and helped me regain my health. Thank you FitnessGenes!"

Rhonda, Canada
FitnessGenes Member

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