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How Rhonda Lost Over 80 lbs In Just One Year With FitnessGenes

After being failed by most popular weight loss diets, Rhonda turned to FitnessGenes to try and understand why she simply couldn't lose the weight. What resulted was a complete transformation of her approach to her nutrition with remarkable results.

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Hear Why Adam Describes FitnessGenes As "The Gift That Keeps Giving"

With three young daughters, FitnessGenes member Adam has a clear motivation for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Beyond ensuring he's there to see them grow up, he also wants to help them build their own health and fitness habits.

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How Sunny Optimized His Training & Sleep With FitnessGenes

Before FitnessGenes, health and fitness enthusiast Sunny was relying on generalized advice when structuring his workouts and diet. But driven by a desire to maximize his results by understanding exactly what works best for him, Sunny decided to decode his DNA.

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